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And The List Gets Longer....

Good Morning Everyone!

I've known forever that my knitting projects will likely outlast my time on this Earth. Not to sound morbid, it's really kind of a joke that anyone with a substantial stash knows, just not everyone says it out loud, then there's me....I not only started knitting the Patti tank top in Zinnia (Andra's is pictured), I set a beautiful combination of Rios aside to knit Martha Wissing's Schieffelin. To add insult to injury, I met with Andra last Tuesday and spent the better part of the day putting together a HUGE order of yarn for the upcoming season, oooh, la, la! Talk about inspiring, I started to get that overwhelming feeling that I simply could not knit everything I wanted to, a bit of panic always sets in. Seriously, just how many balls can I have up in the air? Apparently a lot, I just remembered my gorgeous Foxthoughts sweater I bought for my birthday, I think that one has about 20 skeins of yarn LOL. The mind of a knitter is interesting, if not complicated, I speak from experience. I'm always amazed by my ability to reconfigure my list of projects and reprioritize when something new comes into the mix. It's especially easy to justify if it's worsted weight or bulky, they almost knit themselves in no time at all, right? That said, I'm under the gun to see just how close I can come to finishing my Patti tank before the KAL gals meet this Saturday 9-11:00, stay tuned. Speaking of KAL, weather permitting, we'll be in my backyard, fingers crossed.

Needless to say, this past week has been full of inspiration for me. All of those beautiful new yarns and patterns for the upcoming season make me appreciate my ability to knit. I honestly can't imagine going through life not knowing the joys associated with luscious fibers running through my fingers creating one of a kind garments. I'm guessing my house might be a bit cleaner, but it's more likely that my lawn would be better manicured and my gardens less full of weeds. My meeting with Andra gave me a good dose of tactile stimulation which was further reinforced with the Zoom meeting I attended yesterday. Warren Wheelock, president/owner of Berroco has been hosting extremely informative meetings for the LYS owners. Last time we got a tour of headquarters and the warehouse, it was fascinating! Yesterday, we were introduced to Jakob Lang, owner of Lang Yarns from Switzerland. It was an hour well spent listening to him talk about his company and the yarns they produce. I was super excited to hear that 2 of the yarns I purchased for the shop have been 2 of the most popular so far, Cloud and Snowflake. Cloud is a gorgeous merino blend with a long color repeat (stripes are still very popular) the pattern support features both accessories and sweaters, SUPER cute! Snowflake is a cotton, baby alpaca and merino blend, can I say soft? I can picture hats with furry pom poms, mittens and a snuggly cowl. I am in no way trying to rush through summer, but seeing what's coming next season is the perfect incentive to get what's on the needles DONE!!

Many of you saw the video of me unpacking 20 bags of Rios by Malabrigo, many of you have already taken several off of my hands, got to love a new project! I did receive a big box from Berroco yesterday, I'm pretty sure I have several bags of REMIX CHUNKY tucked into that 40lb box. I'm already thinking that I need to knit another Isabell Kraemer Il Grande Favorito, I just can't decide on which color to choose, decisions, decisions. Believe it or not, I haven't opened the box yet I could wait for Stitch and Bitch tomorrow night, it's definitely more fun with an audience. I just looked at my weather app, looks like it's going to be gorgeous so plan on being in my backyard from 6-7:30. I will send a Zoom link just in case Mother Nature decides to throw us a curve ball.

Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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