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Be My Dixie Chicken....

Good Morning Everyone!

FALL IS BACK!!! LOL...Last week the temperatures were breaking record highs, this week, we're way below average. Does anything surprise you anymore? It seems absurd is status quo, we question less and roll with it. And really, nothing seemed more absurd to me than these Emotional Support Chickens and here I am, right on board. I can honestly say, I would have never even considered it had Andra not convinced me I needed one, I'm still shocked. What I can't get over is just how much joy these cluckers bring, they've started to attend gatherings. I have been able to get individual pictures of several, but I think we need to have a chicken parade or maybe a pageant. If you would be willing to leave your chicken with me, Carrie and I will do a video and post it, I think it will be hysterical.

Thank-you to everyone who was able to join me in the park for Worldwide Knit In Public Day, IT WAS AWESOME!!!! Thankfully the rain held off, it wasn't hot, we didn't get eaten alive by mosquitoes, and we had FUN! I didn't get much knitting done, there were so many people to talk to, story of my life. While we were in the park, I was trying to decide what to name my chicken. It finally occurred to me who she reminded me of, The Church Lady from Saturday Night Live. She just had a look about her that said, "Isn't that special?" Jenna Googled her name, Enid Strict (duh) and mine was going to be called Enid. That all changed when the sweetest woman walked through my door shortly after I opened up. With her, was her adorable little dog, Dixie Chicken. Dixie and I took to each other like peanut butter and jelly, an instant bond was formed. I will never forget that cute dog or the amazing woman who brought her in, so Dixie just had to be the name of my chicken. I even found the perfect music to formally introduce my chicken to, Dixie Chicken by Little Feat, took me on a walk down memory lane for sure. Late nights in my favorite college bar, The Last Chance, singing it at the top of my lungs with Neila J, Tara, and Swartzy after numerous beers and tequila shots...oh to be young again. So stop on by and meet my Dixie Chicken, she's a real clucker...

Because of the silly joy that these chickens bring, my friend Donna stopped by Stitch and Bitch last week to talk about an idea she has. She would like to do a fundraiser and auction off a large brood of chickens. The concept is loosely based on The Chair Affair where the items to be auctioned are displayed in businesses downtown and then auctioned off. It is still early in the planning, but I think she was aiming for September/October to have the event. She has spoken with Arleigh Young at City Hall about coordination, there hasn't been a charity selected. What I need are lots of volunteers to knit or crochet chickens for the event. The project uses small amounts of yarn, it calls for worsted, but you can easily change the gauge. It's a quick project, just a few nights and you have an adorable chicken. I see this as an opportunity to spread some joy, who wouldn't want to be part of this? Please consider helping, everyone wins, you bust up some of your stash and spread some happiness.

I am almost ready to start the sleeves on my Mabel Cardigan, good thing I tried it on when I did, I'm ready for ribbing, YAY!!! I worked on it ALL DAY SUNDAY while binging Sex In The City, I think I got through an entire season, no joke. I did take a break from it yesterday and cast on a beautiful pattern called Deschain Tee by Leila Raabe I've been admiring Kathleen's for years and so I figure I needed one too. BONUS I raided my sale trunk and found (5) skeins of Suede that have been sitting like a damsel in distress for YEARS!!! I saved her and am turning her into the most stunning sweater, I seem to have a talent for that. It was super gratifying to knit, it's on 10.5 needles, I will likely have the front finished today unless Mabel gets too jealous. God knows we've got another perfect day to knit, cloudy and cool....

I met with Andra last week and ordered a ton of new yarns and patterns for Fall/Winter. I'm really excited to introduce Madelinetosh to all of you. It was challenging to pick out colors (they have over 2,000) but I found a bunch I know you will love. Berroco has some gorgeous new lines, I can show you the pattern support in the Look Book, wait until you see the Millstone Tweed, it's all AMAZING!!! The patterns, the colors, the all of it, by far my favorite. There's also an insane amount of new colors of Aerial, my head could just explode!! I'm going to have a terrible time deciding which color to knit my James N Watts Rib Lace Raglan in first world problem, I know... So I guess the only thing I can do is keep knitting so I'll be ready for what's coming down the pipe.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 6-7:30, for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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