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Dog Days...

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Good Morning Everyone!

I'm not even going to say it or complain, I just saw the temperature in Spokane, Washington 112, hotter than Phoenix. I did attempt to do some housework yesterday, but dragging the vacuum into the family room produced copious amounts of sweat and quickly proved to be way too much effort. The dog hair and chewed up sticks can stay another day. With such extreme heat, it's unsafe to overexert, staying hydrated and cool is extra important. My solution, KNIT!!! And knit I did, my Tegna is coming along quite nicely, I'm in the home stretch now, WAHOO! Not only have I divided the front and back, the back is finished and I'm working my way up the front. This has been a true exercise in discipline, thankfully my stubborn streak has worked to my advantage. I am determined to wear my latest creation during the upcoming Great Northern Yarn Haul. All of that endless, mindless knitting is paying off. My reward is a beautiful new summer sweater, I'm up to three and I have plans for one more, the Admit, a lovely FREE pattern on, check it out! My goal is to have it finished before we cast on the next KAL, Martha Wissing's Schieffelin on July 24th. Shouldn't be a problem, my Tegna will be completed in the next few days, it's so PRETTY!!!

We had a small group for KAL Saturday, summer has a way of providing too many distractions like camping and gardening, I get it. We started in the backyard, but moved inside when the sprinkle of rain turned into a deluge in the blink of an eye. I'm pretty excited that despite my close quarters in the shop, we were able to gather into a circle and continue to knit. Most had finished their summer sweaters and were working on WIPs, I'm anxious to see everyone's sweaters. What I'd really like to do is get a group photo of the Il Favorito Grande KAL and the summer sweater KAL, any suggestions on how to make that happen? If that proves to be too much effort, maybe you could send me a picture of you wearing it and Carrie can put together something to post, just a thought.

I'm getting ready for the Great Northern Yarn Haul, it starts July 9th! I placed a big order with Katrinkles on Saturday, wait until you see what is coming! I also received a limited supply of logo embellished bags for you to take shopping when you go hauling. Wanda, Kathleen and I have planned our stratedgy, I'm so excited! Sunday will be a trip up to Jeffersonville for breakfast at 158 Main, then a quick stroll across the street to Two Sisters. Then I think we are going to venture through the Notch for a hike. Monday is Norwich Knits and Scratch and Wednesday is Hermit Thrush Fibers in Bristol, then Vermont Fiber Mill and Studio in Brandon and then possibly Green Mountain Yarn and Fiber in Rutland. I haven't figured out which sweater I'm buying for yet, there are so many that I want to make! Decision, decisions...last year I bought yarn for my Sipila and Birken, stay tuned.

If any of you have some time, my friend Julie needs help knitting hats. Her father has recently moved to a memory care facility and she would like to donate hats for the residents. There are 52 men and women who currently reside there and she thought it would be wonderful for them to have a hand knit hat. You can drop them off at the shop and Julie will pick them up. I have some great, easy patterns if you need inspiration, a little kindness certainly goes a long way. This gesture certainly speaks to me personally, my Dad has recently relocated to an assisted living facilty and will move to memory care eventually. This is a great way to bust your stash while doing something you can feel good about.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening at the shop for Stitch and Bitch from 6-7:30, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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1 Comment

Sue Lamie
Sue Lamie
Jun 29, 2021

Any particular yarn requirements for the hats?

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