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Fly Me To The Moon....

Good Morning Everyone!

I'll just jump right in head first, my Facebook account was stolen, what a pain! I can completely understand, I'M SO DAMN FASCINATING. I bring new levels of excitement and interest to the world of knitting, most days I can barely stand being around myself. Taylor Swift may have her Swifties, but they pale in comparison to what I've got, FRIENDS...That said, you should probably delete me (Katy Collin) from your list of friends and then promptly send me a friend request, no pressure lol. I've sent a few friend requests that have been met with pure skepticism, shocking. Speaking of friends, I have much gratitude and appreciation for my friend Rachael, she helped me navigate my way through this cyber @#$%& mess. I'm thrilled that only my personal profile was taken, Rachael figured out a way to regain access to my What A Yarn profile, SHE'S SUPER SMART! THANK-YOU RACHAEL!!!!!

The KAL gals met on Saturday, it was a small group, but we had a special guest of honor, LAUREN!! Walter was getting acquainted with an I-cord bind off along the lower edge of their Wisdom of the Moon Shawl. Susan was focusing on her Big Love cardigan but did have her shawl along for the ride. Carrie and Amanda were working on their shawls, and I was pissed off trying to figure out what was going on with my Facebook page lol...I did get several rows finished on my Bolan top, it's so pretty!! Best of all, Carrie brought me a chocolate croissant from Red House Sweets, which definitely helped my mood. Carrie's husband,Rob, made tags for our Wisdom of the Moon Shawls, it's the date of the eclipse. I've sewn mine on and will be posting it so you can see. I have the tags at the shop, plenty to go around, be sure to pick yours up.

April is going to be such a fun time in the shop! The Trunk Show with Woolerton Estates is Saturday, April 6th. It's happening all day long, Zoey is bringing a lovely selection of her yarns along with a special signature color for the Eclipse. We will also be joined by no other than Lucinda Iglesias, owner of Mont Tricot. I have ordered some fun commemorative memorabilia (limited supply) in honor of the eclipse (this one happens about every 400 years) I've picked up a stack of Eclipse glasses from Arleigh to hand out. This is going to be a lot of fun, Zoey's yarns are exquisite and unique to my shop. She has a luxurious variety of yarn bases (alpaca, linen & silk i.e) along with a lovely rainbow of colors. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to feel and see her line.

Mark your calendars AGAIN, Local Yarn Shop day is Saturday, April 27th! I've ordered a limited supply of LYS pins and stitch stoppers for the event. I've seen one of the free patterns that is available with the purchase of yarn. Carrie and I have already started putting kits together for this particular pattern, it's beautiful!! Berroco has always offered a few FREE patterns for this event, I haven't seen anything yet, stay tuned. Carrie & Susan have been organizing and planning our first Knitting/Crocheting weekend retreat. The dates are May 18th & 19th and will be held in Alburgh at Susan's Bed and Breakfast. Both days will be catered, you may attend either one or both days, there are rooms available if you want to stay over. There will be workshops and a project included in the price (we're still working out details). Spaces are limited. I realize that the details are sparse, I just wanted to get the thought planted with hopes that you will be able to join in the fun. Carrie and I met Susan at her place to take a look at the property, it is idyllic! It provides the perfect setting to sit, knit/crochet, relax and enjoy being at the lake. IF for some reason the weather decides to hate on us, her home is inviting and has lots of space to get comfy. Basis are covered either way, all you need to do is show up!!!

I don't think I've forgotten anything, I'll remember the second I hit send. We will be meeting for Stitch and Bitch tomorrow, Wednesday 6-7:30, I hope you can join in the fun. We've been having a ton of fun on Wednesday with many attendees. PLEASE BRING A CHAIR!! I have (5) seats available at the shop. I may have to bring over my kitchen chairs, they are much smaller than the camping chairs. When you park, please try to help maximize the number of cars we can park by getting closer together. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!!


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