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Inching Our Way Towards Spring...

Good Morning Everyone!

Two steps forward, three steps back, it sounds like my knitting progress. 30 degree temperature swings and snow squalls remind me that I still have plenty of time to finish my Avena and wear it several times. We had KAL this past Saturday, it was so much fun to see everyone's progress and color combinations come to life. Of course we couldn't help but discuss another beautiful pattern release from Jenn Steingass called Forest Light. PLEASE MAKE HER STOP!!! I'm beginning to feel completey overwhelmed with everything I want to knit. I was just scrolling through my Ravelry library and was reminded of the many projects I have stored there. I take great pride in knowing that I WILL NEVER BE BORED OR OUT OF YARN!!! I guess instead of feeling overwhelmed, perhaps the healthier attitude to take is, I'll forever be inspired and will always have beautiful, one of a kind, hand knit garments. That helps....

I completed the back of my Fleurine and am almost finished the ribbing for the front, then the fun begins. I am looking forward to the challenge of Intarsia, especially having those bobbins dangling all over the place. I have seriously considered just duplicate stitching the design, but I feel like I'd be missing an opportunity to up my skill set. I rarely complete a project without learning something, it usually has to do with learning just how patient I can be, lol...patience is grossly overrated, I've always found tantrums to be much more cathartic. Just get it out of your system, smooth your hair, pick up the knitting off the floor and move forward. I think I'll be able to maintain my composure since I do have 3 other projects I can turn to for comfort if Fleurine starts to get under my skin. The fact that my daughter thinks it's a really pretty sweater is giving me just the incentive I need to keep going. Stay tuned....

I received 93 pounds of yarn and pattern books from Berroco yesterday, SO EXCITING!!!! I promised the KAL gals on Saturday that I would not open it until Stitch and Bitch tomorrow night. I am so excited to show you all of the lovely new yarns for the upcoming season. Berroco has been posting lovely patterns and pictures of their latest designs, one of them was for a yarn called Spree, and they have a free pattern called Kattegat. If you are interested in Spree, let me know, Siobbhan has already requested (6) skeins of Denim so I'll be ordering. I also received a box of beautiful Pom Poms from Life's Little Things, they are definitely worth the wait!!

Lastly, the situation currently happening in the Ukraine is simply devastating. I have no words to describe how it makes me feel other than helpless. I was hoping to share a couple of links for Sunflower hats and mittens I found on Ravelry, but I can't figure it out, shocking I know. I will try to share them on Facebook, but if you want to look them up, here are the names Sunflower Hat and Solidarity Sunflower Mittens. I can email the links to those that are interested.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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