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This Is Fall...

I'm certainly not complaining about the recent stretch of weather, it is still Fall, but a week ago we received a sneek peek of what was in store for us in the near future. I love winter, I was more than ready to embrace it, but it has been such a treat to be outside in jeans and a t-shirt. Record breaking temperatures of 70 degrees, in Vermont, in November, SERIOUSLY? I had dinner in Stowe Saturday night with a couple of girlfriends. Despite the snowbanks lining the parking lot, we were able to sit outside. My reluctance to wear socks came back to haunt me, my feet were freezing, but I was comfortable in my Rhys cardigan with my Goldfish Shawl wrapped around my shoulders, such a fashion plate...

Of course that little dusting of snow got a lot folks thinking that the holidays were just around the corner. The warm weather reinforced the thought that it's much easier stringing Christmas lights when you can move your fingers. If 2020 has taught us anything, it's to be prepared and expect the unexpected. I cannot get over the number of homes that are completely decked out with Christmas decorations. Have you seen the 25 foot Grinch on North Main Street? I drove by Alisha's house and her entire front porch is ready to welcome Santa. Kissing balls, wreaths, garlands, lights and a tree, it screams, "Bring It!" I took great pride in grabbing an extension cord and plugging my lights in to make sure they're still working from last year, I'm that lazy. I refuse to break out my vintage Frosty and 2 Toy Soldiers until after Thanksgiving, and I doubt I will put the timer on my lights until then, I'm a bit old school.

Did you realize that there are only 45 days until Christmas? Yikes, how are your projects coming along? I've been doing my best trying to keep you inspired with lots of ideas and quick knits that are sure to please that special someone. And, we all know that a knitted gift only goes to a special someone. I have some beautiful kits by Bobolink Yarns available that would be very well received either knit up or wrapped up. Seriously, the Let It Snow mitten kit is one of the cutest I've seen in awhile. I received the Cheviat Rainbow colorway for the Cheers Hat yesterday and sent 2 kits off to their new homes. I also have the Totally Square Hat Kit that features their Scuttleship Romney wool and is the perfect introduction to Fair Isle knitting. What I love most about the hat kits are they are sized children-adults, and are 100% made in Vermont. Stop by to see them for yourself, I'm not wrong, they are simply adorable.

My Spencer sweater is finished and has received lots of attention and love, it really is quite stunning. I'm still simply amazed by how soft it is, I find myself patting my arms while wearing it and thankfully I haven't rubbed the mohair off yet. I'm dying to make Isabell Kraemer's Leni hat using Malabrigo's Sock in Eggplant and Berroco's Aerial in Silver, I have a big red fur pom pom that would look stunning adorning the top of it. I need another hat like a hole in my head, but I always knit myself at least one new hat every year, you really can't have too many hats living in Vermont. Yep, that's my story...

The COVID-19 memorial afghan is coming together quickly and beautifully! I am waiting for one more strip to be delivered, I won't name names lol. A big thank-you to everyone who helped me see my idea come to fruition, it wouldn't have been near as much fun without you! Sandy has been the biggest rockstar by undertaking the task of knitting the strips together, THANK-YOU!!! I did speak with Mike McCarthy, our State Representative for the City, about getting it to the State House and the Governor. No concrete plans have been made yet, but he was thinking it could be presented in January. I will keep you well informed and would love to have as many of you join me in Montpelier as possible. Who doesn't love a road trip, bet we could find a yarn shop too.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening from 6:00-7:30 at the office of Arnold & Scangas Architects located above the Foundry at 1 Federal Street. The office door is on the north side of Lake Street and there is plenty of parking. Please bring your mask, chairs are available or you may continue to bring your own. I hope you can join in the fun! Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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Nov 10, 2020

xmas light already? and a Grinch! I thought I was jumping the calendar when I realized that thanksgiving is a few weeks away and Xmas tree goes up that Saturday. I bet it's VT-ers taking full advantage of the "Indian" summer weather. Love reading you!!!!

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