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And Then There Were Two...

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend, the weather certainly has been on our side. It looks like we're in for a nice long stretch of Springtime days which means I'll be enjoying the comforts of my porch aka my office. I'm really on a mission to finish my Manarola sweater, Andra has ordered yarn for my next (2) shop samples so I'd like to get my "personal" knitting done so I'll be ready to cast on BRAND NEW YARNS FOR THE FALL AND WINTER!! I did start an adorable little accessory in Carousel because I had a severe case of FOMO when I saw Andra's. I can safely put that on the back burner for a little bit since I won't have that yarn until early summer. I do have enough of it knit so you can see the lovely stitch work and how beautiful the yarn knits up, swatching just didn't do it justice. Wait until you see the sweater I'll be making using Carousel and Aerial, ooh, la, la it's delicious!!!

We had a fantastic time last Wednesday night with Andra, thank-you all for attending!! Andra did an amazing job talking about EASE and how she was able to create (6) very different looking sweaters using the same size but changing the yarn and needle. Often times we forget how much leeway there is in knitting, the pattern is there as a guide, but your creativity and sense of adventure can really take you to another dimension. DO NOT BE AFRAID, you can always pull it out, it's really not a big deal. That said, the Fall KAL is going to be a lovely cardigan called Big Love, the construction and fit are AMAZING! It's the perfect project to do as a group, it does require some brain power to start and Andra has assured me she'll get me through it so I can help you. Remember, we are smart women, WE CAN DO THIS!!! Wanda shared an incredible link that talks about what to do if you either can't get gauge or you want to change it. I think you'll find it invaluable so here it is

I know many of you saw the progress I've made on my Manarola, isn't she just lovely? I do enjoy color work and watching this sweater grow has been so much fun. The colors are completely out of my wheelhouse, so at the very least, I hope it inspires you to do the same. I'm knitting with two colors I would have never picked out or put together, Pepto Bismal pink and Purple, but look at them!!! I cannot wait to wear this sweater. I'm really excited because I finally finished the tedious three color chart of the yoke, OMG it takes so long to do. I'm completely OCD when it comes to my floats and I'm right handed and cannot master doing floats with two hands. I can carry a color with my left hand if I don't have to capture the floats and I'm thrilled to tell you, the entire body of the sweater is ONLY TWO COLORS AT A TIME AND NO LONG FLOATS!!! It is the little things in life that make me happiest and I am just cruising now...

I'll remind you again, but just a couple of announcements, the shop will have limited hours on Friday June 9th, my Dad and brother will be in town for a Memorial service which I'll be attending as well. The following Friday, June 16th I will be closed, I'm helping my dear friend Vickie do flowers for a wedding. We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday for Stitch and Bitch from 6-7:30, it's going to be gorgeous so we'll be OUTSIDE, I hope you can join in the fun!!! Make it a great day and I'll see you soon....


P.S. The beautiful photo of the Columbine is courtesy of my friend, Joanne.....

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