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Are You Selfless or Selfish???

Good Morning Everyone!

Nothing like a direct question to get the synapses firing, time to grab more coffee. I would say that for the most part, no one is exclusively in one camp, it doesn't matter the reference, there's got to be some gray area. Except when it comes to me and my knitting, 100% SELFISH!!! Through the years I have certainly done my fair share of knitting for others, those I deem "Knit Worthy." I've found the older I get, the shorter the list "Knit Worthy" gets. Maybe it's the realization that time is precious and mine is getting more limited (morbid, I know) or maybe it's the fact that I really just want to knit all the pretty things for myself, no one appreciates the effort I put into my knitting more than me. Or perhaps, it's the gratification of knowing I'm the only one who will have that sweater with this yarn, these buttons, it's exclusive only to me.

I spent the better part of my formative years trying to fit in, the square peg in the round hole, UGH. I still get a pit in my stomach remembering the feeling of being so different. Despite having the exact same outfit as the other girls, it still wasn't quite right. Hang in there with me, there's a silver lining, promise...Fast forward 40 years and I love knowing that my sweaters are custom, unique to me, NO ONE ELSE'S WILL BE EXACTLY THE SAME. Even if the same pattern and yarn are used, each knitter makes their garment their own (mine have custom tags). I finally found a way to be different and still fit in, KNITTING!! Even though I openly joke about being the world's most selfish knitter, my shop samples are all in my size, they are hardly self serving, they are inspirational. It makes me feel so good when someone wants to knit a project simply because they saw mine. I'm finally a trend setter, an influencer, but still not cool...

I only recently had this epiphany while chatting with another knitter. Maybe I'm not as selfish as I thought, feeling a bit Grinch-like with a growing heart lol...Let's circle back to when I said,"no one appreciates the effort I put into my knitting more than me." My friend, we'll just call her Mary, was having trouble with gauge and the pattern wasn't great and she was feeling a bit defeated with the entire project. She'd definitely given it the college try, had done a gauge swatch and was several inches into the sweater. She said to me, "I don't know if I'm worth all of this effort." She was doubting if she should reap the benefit of putting all of this time into a garment for herself. I was dumbfounded, it had never once crossed my mind that I didn't deserve the fruits of my labor. Here she was, feeling guilty for spending the time doing something for herself. There's a reason it takes all types to make this world go round. Mind you, she'd been knitting baby blankets for friends, sweaters for relatives, and finally decided to do something for herself. She wasn't looking for permission, she struggled saying it out loud. I informed her that she is totally worth it and she certainly deserved to create something for herself. Needless to say, I found a project better suited for her, we hugged and she is now happily knitting a gorgeous new cardigan. I do know you all knit for different reasons. I hope you also know that if you fall into the camp where you give everything away and only knit for others, I certainly commend you. But think of it this way, I doubt anyone has ever made a batch of cookies without either licking the bowl or having one hot out of the oven, it's ok to indulge, make something for yourself....

I have a few PSA and then I'll let you get to your day, and judging from the rain, I hope it's KNITTING!! You have one more week to preorder your Advent Calendar boxes, August 15th is the deadline for orders and payment. If you missed my post about preordering an Atenti bag, I'll be placing the order this Saturday, August 12th. They offer several different styles of knitting bags, they also have knitting needle cases and accessory pouches. Checkout their website at This company is owned by a Mother and Daughter, they are handmade in California and the quality is top notch. I absolutely love my bag, I get compliments whenever I go out with it or simply bring it to the shop. I am ordering another one, I simply must have the Gigi bag in Mimi fabric, do I need it? NOPE....I will be hosting a Berroco Trunk show September 1-11th, Andra will be here for Stitch and Bitch September 6th with several of her garments, specifically her collection of BIG LOVE cardigans.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wedenesday 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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Mary McCarthy
Mary McCarthy
Aug 08, 2023


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