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Crazy Keeps Me Sane...

Good Morning Everyone!

I'm finally finished with the beautiful color work on my Birkin! I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever get to row 39 without going completely crazy. I admitted last week my repeated adventures down the rabbit hole on row 24, again on 29 and yes, a couple more times thereafter. There's a certain amount of humility involved when you painstakingly believe that you're cruising along effortlessly only to discover, oops, you're not. Especially when you think you've made every attempt to count each color repeat carefully and PAY ATTENTION, and nope, still #$%&@! it up. Welcome to my world of crazy, but honestly without knitting I wouldn't be sane. Even my worst moments knitting far exceed 5 minutes of house cleaning. There must be a certain special kind of crazy involved to actually embrace that feeling of complete frustration. That moment when every fiber of your being wants nothing more than to throw that stupid project across the room. Then a few deep breaths later and a little bit of mental chatter, the needles are back in your hands and all is right with the world again. Welcome to my world, and I know I'm not alone...thankful that my peeps have been there too. At least at the end of the knitting rainbow is usually a beautiful new sweater that I can wear with pride.

I already have my next 2 sweaters ready to jump onto the needles, wahoo! What's even more exciting is they are for Spring and Summer. I wound up the rest of my Malabrigo Silky Merino for the Julie Twist and 3 skeins of Berroco Pima 100 for the Aveline tank. I'm excited that both of these projects are knit up on #7's and shouldn't take much time to complete, especially since there aren't sleeves involved. I received a 50lb box from Berroco yesterday, I haven't opened it yet, can you believe it??? I'm saving my excitement for when Carrie and I do our video later today, this is better than Christmas! Even though I know what's inside, it's going to be so much fun seeing all of those beautiful colors of yarn, it's the confirmation that Spring is just around the corner. Comes the question of where to put it all....

Remeber my beautiful thrum mittens? Well I got a great little shout out on Instagram from Brown Sheep Company, they shared my picture and tagged me, WAHOO! The power of social media is finally beginning to sink into my thick head lol. I'm still floating on cloud 9 from the guys of Happily Knitting Socks sharing my video on their story, exposing me to their 23,000 followers, holy shit!! I guess I'm not above a little self promotion, if you haven't already liked my What A Yarn page on Facebook, please do so, additionally, follow me on Instagram.

This past Saturday the KAL gals gathered, it was great to see all of the finished FAVORITO sweaters, I LOVE MINE!!! Our next meeting will be March 27th from 9-11:00 and by then I think most of you should be finished with our current project. I'd suggested doing a Make Along with the Happily Knitting Socks book you can pick any pattern to knit. Please let me know what you'd like to do for your next KAL, maybe a summer sweater? An update on our COVID-19 afghan, Carrie is finished adding the last strip of squares and is working on completing the edging. The legislature is still meeting virtually so I'm just waiting for the time to come that it can be presented to the Governor, stay tuned.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening via Zoom from 6-7:30, please let me know if you'd link me to send you the link. Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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