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Fa,La,La,La, FINISHED!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

If you can't tell from my smile, I LOVE MY MARSALI CARDIGAN! Once I figured out exactly what needed to happen, it was a piece of cake complete with icecream, whipped cream and a cherry on top. I announced at Stitch and Bitch last week that I had a different number of cables on each side of the fronts, not sure where that came from, I counted them, they're even. I swear the first side I did had 15, nope 13, maybe it was the lighting??? I am so excited to have a beautiful red sweater to wear for the holidays, no ugly Christmas sweater for me.

I mentioned last week I'd resumed knitting my Emsworth vest and was so proud that I had figured out where I was by deciphering the encrypted notes. So I get everything connected into the round and resume the lace pattern work. I'd made a note, as the pattern suggested, the last row I worked on the back before starting the front, row 18. I'm ready to start working in the round, markers are placed, yipee, ki, yay here's the fun part! That euphoric feeling lasted about 2 seconds when I read the following sentence, "Front and back pattern should be on the same row at this point" I read it again, WTF?? My friend Joanne had recently finished hers and brought it for show and tell. I almost reached out to her to see if this was true, I decided I couldn't handle the truth lol...My back was on row 18, my front was on row 1, terrific. There was no way I was going to pull out this work, simply because I wasn't wrong, seriously I did exactly what I was told. I know I go rogue, but this time I followed the directions simply because the construction was so unique I didn't dare venture out on my own. I might add, it made sense to me, the pattern is really well written. Ok, what to do...cast on Addie's Sipila and think about it for awhile.

So I'm working on Addie's sweater, a bit distracted by my recent mishap to the point that I completely screwed up the German Short rows and ended up PULLING it all the way back to the row before the increases. NO KATHLEEN I DID NOT HAVE A LIFELINE!!!! I picked up all those stitches using a much smaller needle ( a great little tip for you) and powered through those German Short rows in one sitting, what I should have done in the first place. I had plenty of time to reflect on my Emsworth mess, and it dawned on me. I managed to juggle several sets of instructions knitting my Marsali, increases on the fronts and sides on different rows while cabling, how did I keep it all straight?? Highlighter tape and row counters, problem solved...Luckily the lace pattern is written out row by row, so I decided I would simply work the chart for the front and the back on different rows. I have one row marked with an "F" and the other a "B" BAM!!! I am so smart, right? The only reason this is going to work and go undetected, is because there's a panel of stockinette making up the sides, phew. I'd be completely screwed if the pattern went all away around. I'm having a temper tantrum in my mind just thinking about it. Fingers crossed it will all go as planned, stay tuned...

We've already been discussing our next KAL project at Stitch and Bitch. There's been much love for Jenn Steingass' latest design that we're still waiting to be published. My thought was perhaps we could do a "pick your favorite Jenn Steingass pattern KAL". Her patterns are 35% off until TODAY, December 7th and available on Ravelry. Her latest design won't be included in her sale, but she has so many gorgeous sweaters available to choose from. She designed the Forestland which I recently finished, I have yarn for her Feather and Fern pullover and I purchased Silverlining and Goldenfern last night. Her designs feature a variety of gauges, fingering, DK, and worsted with varying degrees of colorwork. Take a look at her patterns, they are all knit in the round and have NO SEAMS!!! Let me know what you think, the next KAL will start January 22.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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