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Feeling BIG LOVE!!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

I don't even know where to start, my head is still in the clouds from all the fun I've had this past week. I finished my Goldenfern sweater in time to wear to VT Sheep & Wool, too bad Mother Nature felt that it was "Vest" weather and not "Sweater" weather. It certainly did not deter many of the attendees from adorning their knitwear, but there were lots of short sleeved garments, and honestly we could have all been wearing tank tops and sandals. I'm not complaining, really, it was better than 60 degrees and rain for certain, but topping out at near 80 was unexpected. I saw on the news this morning that we're headed for more record breaking tempertatures the next few days, WTF??? I will take personal responsibility for this. Had I not just cranked out (5) sweaters, in preparation for Fall, I'm sure the temperatures wouldn't be anywhere near 80. The Queen of Procrastination has ruined Fall, good thing winters are long here lol...I am quite certain the fruits of my labor will be rewarded, I will be sick of these sweaters come May, yes May....

So VT Sheep and Wool was FANTASTIC!!! The best part, Susan baked Orange-White Chocolate Scones for us, they were even warm, the bar was set high before we left St. Albans. We had a virgin with us, Stephanie had never attended, she didn't miss a beat. Her credit card was on fire less than 5 minutes in, GREAT JOB!!! I made it about two booths in before I saw what I'd come for, a sheepskin. There are lots of vendors with sheepskin as this charming man pointed out, he even challenged me to go touch them all, he promised me I'd be back. I instantly responded by buying the one that made me beeline in the first place. I asked him if he'd hold on to it while I shopped which he kindly obliged. Then I did what I wasn't going to do, BUY YARN!!! So let's just blame Carrie, she just had to go see Kristie at Fiber Stash, NOOOOOO!!! I knew I was doomed, I love her colors. I ended up with (3) skeins of ORANGE called Basic Bitch and (1) skein of a variegated called All The Fall (any guesses of the color combination?). I have no idea which sweater pattern I will be using, Carrie sent me one to consider, stay tuned, this one is going to be stunning!!! The next item on my list was a new piece of Brown Bunny pottery, I have a new bowl adorned with a bunny face and a little tail, so stupid cute. I think it will make my soup taste better, at the very least it makes me smile when I use it, mission accomplished.

Yesterday was simply glorious in every way possible. I boxed up a bunch of my inventory and drove down to the Georgia Rest Area. I have been extremely fortunate to be the featured business of the month during LEAF PEEPING for the past several years. I chatted with a lovely couple that had attended the VT Sheep and Wool Festival, they said they come to VT every year at this time. She noticed all the yarn I had and of course I let her know that I own the yarn shop in St. Albans, I invited her to stop by. Once home, I proceeded to grab my Big Love, ear buds, and new sheep skin and plant myself in my "made by me" macrame chair in the sun. What a perfect day to sit, listen to my book and knit. My Big Love is coming along nicely, I've finished the front decreases and need to knit to the desired length. Andra has finished her 7th one, she used Croft Shetland Tweed, it is gorgeous. I am really enjoying knitting this KAL, the construction is so interesting and the pattern has kept me engaged. Of course I've got my eye on the "carrot" aka my Foxthoughts sweater. Wanda and I are going to do our sweaters together, she wants to start it in November which gives me plenty of time to finish my Big Love and likely get another sweater on the needles.

I have received a restock of those adorable little stitch stoppers by Minnie & Purl we've all come to love, most of them you've never seen before!! I also have more Interchangeable sets by Chiaogoo, the Lace tips set and the Shorties sets. Let me just tell you, those Shortie sets are a game changer, I fly on my sleeves. No more double points, magic loop, or yanking the too long cord, they are awesome!!! I know it feels like summer now, but by the weekend, reality will be setting back in, IT IS FALL!!!! Get those sweaters washed and blocked now, the weather is perfect for it. Better yet, stop by and pick out a new project, I've got lots of ideas for you!!

We will be meeting tomorrow, Wednesday 6-7:30, for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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