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Happy Anniversary!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

WOW, can you believe it? Another fabulous year has gone by since I opened up my little shop in the corner of Bayberry Cottage. I feel like I've come full circle and that my Mimi was once again right, "Good things come in small packages." Each of my locations have been an opportunity for change and growth, I'd like to believe I've been able to take advantage of what life has thrown at me by putting my positive little spin on it. Ironically enough, my shop isn't all that much bigger than it was when I first started, but I sure have increased my business. A big thank-you to all of you who allow me to do what I absolutely love, OWN A YARN SHOP! I always get nervous when I start listing off the people who really helped me along the way, so I'm not going to lol...

I hope you won't be too disappointed to hear that I've encountered absolutely no problems with any of my knitting projects. Truth be told, the only one I'm really focusing on is Addie's Sipila. As tempting as it is to cast on my Efa, I want to finish her sweater before she leaves for UVM in 23 days, OMG!!! Addie was 7 when I opened my shop, the bus would drop her off at my shop after school and she'd play underneath the yellow farm table. Anyone remember those days? I did go on a little walk down memory lane while looking through my pictures the other day. I wanted to post a collage of my three shops, but I couldn't find the pictures from the first few years. I take a lot of pictures of my dog, so many pictures of Josie...I enjoyed going back through to see the different displays I'd posted, classes, Stitch and Bitch nights, I have such wonderful memories and look forward to creating many more. Without getting too sappy, I hope you all know how much joy you've brought to my life. Everything is better with yarn and even better with friends to share it with. I have very few customers, but a lot of friends.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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