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Ho, Ho, Holidays!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

What a wonderful festive weekend in St. Albans! Small Business Saturday kicked off the Downtown Holiday Raffle, Main Street was bustling all day straight into the evening. Taylor Park provided a beautiful backdrop for the tree lighting and fireworks, I heard Santa made an appearance. I will admit, I avoided the crowds and frigid temperatures and enjoyed the fireworks from my bedroom window, it was the perfect vantage point (one of the benefits of living at the top of a hill). Thank-you to those who stopped by on Saturday for Small Business Saturday. I stamped lots of raffle entries and passports, congratulations to Susan, her entry was drawn by Bernie! This year, there is a passport which gives you a chance at 10 raffle entries when you visit 15 of the participating businesses. There are 35 merchants participating offering a variety of merchandise and services. Stop on by to get your tickets stamped and entered, it's a wonderful way to show your support for the businesses downtown, THANK-YOU!

I am almost finished with my Marsali cardigan, I just need to sew the sleeves in. I wasn't so sure they were going to fit into the armholes, I did a lot of mumbling under my breath as I was easing them into place. I was a bit distracted, I've been watching the Holiday Baking Championship on Monday nights with Addie. It's been so exciting to watch Adam Monette compete earning the accolades of the judges, he continues to set the bar high for the other competitors. His skill set is simply amazing, yet he remains so humble and genuine. I cannot wait to see how this all "pans" out lol...If nothing more, it's a wonderful feather in his cap and a nod to BFA's Culinary Program, we are so lucky to have Chef Adam.

I hope to have my Marsali blocked today, doubtful it will be dry by tomorrow's Stitch and Bitch, but hopefully I'll be able to show it to you. If not, I'll be wearing it to the shop this week, count on it! I picked up my Emsworth vest last night, it took me a minute or 5 to figure out exactly where I'd left off. I make every attempt to notate precisely the last row completed, yet it never fails, it looks like hieroglyphics, it makes almost no sense. So I stare at it, slowly reacquainting myself with my forgotten little friend and the lightbulb finally goes off. Once again, clear as mud and I am able to continue working through the lace pattern, it's familiar again. With my Marsali finished, I have permission to cast on another sweater. I'd really like to start my next Il Grande Favorito with Remix Chunky and Aerial, but my conscience is telling me to stop being a selfish knitter and cast on Addie's Sipila. She's indicated she doesn't expect it for Christmas, that's a relief...but I'd like to have the colorwork finished around the yoke. That way she can take over and knit the body of it after the underarms. So many sweaters, I have 8 in my shop waiting in queue!!! AND Jennifer Steingass is offering 35% off her sweater patterns which would knit up quite nicely in the Manos del Uruguay Milo I just got in. I also have beautiful mini skeins in Fino which is a merino and silk blend, MAKE IT STOP, I KNOW!!!!

We will be meeting tomorrow evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun! There are lots of new yarns to peek at, I'll show you the yarn for my new Spring sweaters from Berroco, and hopefully my new Poms will arrive. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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