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I Made The Nice List!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying time with your family and all of the holiday treats! I certainly have, now I really feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. My favorite surprise was the box I received from Andra, not the chocolate truffles (which I love), but Louise Penney's collaboration with Hilary Rodham Clinton, STATE OF TERROR. I've been on the waiting list for the audio version for months, I am so excited to curl up and dive into this book. Louise Penney is the one author worthy of sacrificing my precious knitting time for, I switched over to audio books a few years ago so I could enjoy two of my favorite things simultaneously. Andra is the only person I know who can knit, read a book and listen to a baseball game all at the same time, such talent....

The reason I haven't started State Of Terror yet is because I was trying to get through the color work of Addie's Sipila. I told her it wasn't likely I'd have it finished for Christmas, but I wanted to have the front and back divided and the sleeves held. One would think that if the chart work was correct, the stitch count would be too, right?? I have finished all 49 rows of the chart, pulled it out a few times when I did the wrong sequence of colors, double checked my work, blah, blah, blah. You would think that would be enough, right? WRONG!!! It comes down to this, I'm off 12 stitches and it's a 14 stitch repeat, I'm extremely talented to magically make this work. I counted the cast on stitches, correct. I counted the increase row stitches, SHIT!! SERIOUSLY??? UGH!! I am crossing my fingers that I can avoid pulling it all out by increasing those missing stitches before I divide the front and back. I gave Addie the bad news last night when she caught me knitting my Emsworth vest. I explained what happened and that I had a plan. I'm going to transfer it onto a long cord and slip it over her head to see where we're at, stay tuned....

If all goes as planned, I'll have a big box of Malabrigo Yarn delivered tomorrow, just in time for Stitch and Bitch!!! I ordered their new Rios Solidos, I'm really excited to see what they look like. I also have lots of Malabrigo Sock yarn coming. Hopefully you'll be able to start deciding on colors for the next KAL, "Pick Your Favorite Jenn Steingass Pattern" I only have about 9 favorites, but have decided to use the yarn I bought at Six Loose Ladies for Fern and Feather and knit Avena. I wound the yarn the other day and plan to swatch it soon. I was thinking about changing my contrast color because I already have my Westland sweater which is brown with blue. But then I figured to just go with my gut, I loved that color combination when I picked it out, that Peacock blue pops the little strands of blue that are spun into the brown.

I will be open this week, Thursday 10-5:00 and Friday 10-3:00, closed Saturday January 1st. We will be meeting tomorrow evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I hope to see you!!


P.S. Carrie finished her Mom's Christmas sweater, it's absolutely gorgeous! I knew she could do it LOL!!!!

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