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Ironic Dichotomy, Lazy Motivation...

Good Morning Everyone!

I've learned a lot about myself from years of knitting. I'd like to believe that most of it has built a tremendous skill set, endless patience, and a sense of inner peace. Last night I discovered another hidden treasure, laziness prods my motivation and subjects me to tasks I normally despise, like Magic Loop. I'm comfortably perched in my chair, legs stretched out on the ottoman with all of my gadgets and project bags within reached. Everything but those long size 10 DPNs I rarely use, they are over in my knitting stand 10 feet away. The task to get up is simply too daunting, especially when I realize that I will also need size 11 DPNs for the sleeves of my Marsali. I don't have size 11 DPNs, those are way downstairs hanging on a hook in my shop, ugh....first world problems I know.

I decide to suck it up and learn to wrestle with that stupid cord while I work the 24 seed stitches of my cuff in the round. I finally resolve to finding a YouTube video because I can't figure out how to get the stitches to join in the round, it's stupid easy of course. I'm struggling with keeping the stitches straight, the way too long cord on the left, I successfully make it around. I hear the woman suggest pulling the first couple of stitches tight on the second and third rounds and not to worry it will get easier and close right up. I'm staring at that gap and am thankful there's enough of a tail there that I can cinch it up if necessary. I'm taking nice deep yoga breaths, I keep telling myself this is much easier than getting up and moving, and I get to master a technique I've told myself for years I simply have no use for. Holy cow I'm cruising along, it does get easier and the gap has closed up, I feel like the Grinch who realizes that maybe Christmas isn't so bad afterall. My heart didn't exactly grow 3 sizes for this new found skill, I will still always prefer a 9" circular, but I can certainly appreciate the versatility of this method and am happy to add it to my bag of tricks.

We had a fabulous KAL group on Saturday, it was great to see everyone's progress. Carrie's beautiful Marsali has been on display at the shop since last week, she was working on her Schieffelin. The rest of us were plugging away at different stages which proves to be quite helpful. I love that this sweater is essentially knit in one piece, but it was a little confusing to figure out where everything is until you have about 6 inches knit up. There's a lot going on with between the cabling and the decreases for the fronts and the sides. I had two row counters, movable stitch markers, regular stitch markers and highlighter tape to make the process clear as mud. Oddly enough it was the chart reading that got the better of me initially, and then the occasional mishap of crossing the cable the wrong way, all little reminders that patience is a virtue. Sandy discovered that she was creating her own design, she didn't realize that there was seed stitch in the center cable pattern, she was working the WS rows in stockinette (I did that too). Unfortunately, she'd already done several pattern repeats and ended up ripping out about 50 rows. She sent me an updated picture of her "reknit", it's beautiful of course. She also indicated she was so happy she was able to attend on Saturday, she wouldn't have realized it was wrong. SAFETY IN NUMBERS LADIES!!! That said, please feel free to stop by if you need some help. Poor Joyce stopped by for some of my expert advice with three needle bindoff for the neckband, I twisted it, ugh! She was struggling to seam the collar and the back together, it wasn't cooperating, wonder why.....

A couple of reminders for you as we officially head into the holiday season. WE WON'T BE MEETING FOR STITCH AND BITCH TOMORROW EVENING. I will be open on Friday November 26th and for SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY November 27th. I will be participating with the Downtown Holiday Raffle which I believe starts on Saturday, I don't have my materials yet. I am also getting a lovely shipment of yarn from Manos del Uruguay I think today, beautiful mini skeins of fingering weight to make all kinds of lovely projects. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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