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Let's Celebrate Summer!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

What do I do to celebrate summer? Knit winter sweaters and host Trunk Shows of course!!!! My Love Note Sweater is finished, completely finished, ends woven in, soaked, blocked, dried and ready to wear. Can I just say, it was the perfect little project to squeeze in so I wouldn't get too far ahead on my Big Love Cardigan. I'm not bragging, but I knew it wouldn't take me long to knit so I gave myself a week and came in under the finish line (just call me Andra). Speaking of Andra, she's going to be here tomorrow evening to help me host the Midnight Magic Berroco Trunk Show. I can't say it without enough conviction, YOU MUST ATTEND IF YOU CAN!!! The two garments I was dying to see DID NOT DISAPPOINT, namely Noema and Esmeray, the Mahina has even yanked at my heartstrings (I know you're looking them up afterwards lol, you should).

As if having this gorgeous collection of garments isn't enough, I will also have two new shop samples ready to show off, my Rutabaga vest knit in Wizard and the Morel vest knit with Talara. It's also worth mentioning that Andra will be bringing her entire collection of Big Love Cardigans, all six of them along with her recently completed Tartufo in Talara (I feel like I'm speaking a foreign language lol) I have no idea who comes up with these names. Best of all, there is an awesome DOOR PRIZE and I know what it is!!!! It is going to be a beautiful evening, I hope you can come try on some garments, be inspired and have some fun.

I spent my Labor Day working, it was exhausting. I was forced to sit in my macrame chair, on the porch, with a gentle breeze, listening to The Bean Trees, watching my Love Note dry while knitting my Big Love. Not the worst working conditions, I admit, but it does demonstrate my dedication to my job and keeping your needles busy. Usually with the KALs, we all learn together, but this particular one has had me a bit nervous. I'll just blame Andra, she put the fear of God in me (hard to do) when describing just how tricky it was to start. I have allowed this to negatively manifest itself by anticipating the absolute worst case scenario, when really, it isn't that bad. Am I happy to have Andra as my lifeline? YES (especially after her talking me through a confusing moment last night) But I feel like I kind of psyched myself out more that usual with this project and it's forced me to overthink the obvious. I've always said, "It takes a village" and I'm honored to be your fearless leader blazing the path making it easier for you. Not that you always need me to forge the path, but know that I've got your back and am always happy to lead you through those moments of uncertainty. I am so excited for this KAL, it is going to accomplish my goal of upping your skill set and introducing you to something new, this old dog has learned a thing or two too. It's not too late to join, we officially start September 23rd 9-11:00, the more the merrier.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening, Wednesday from 6-7:30 for our very special Stitch and Bitch. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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