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More Than Love In The Air...

Good Morning Everyone!

Just so you know, I had enough fodder by Tuesday of last week, with the adventures of my Big Love sweater, to keep you all very entertained. I'd said to Andra, "this newsletter can practically write itself and I have an entire week to get through." I had no idea just how much truth there was to that statement, care to hear about my week? Let's start with the obvious, BIG LOVE...

Hindsight is 20/20, at least it should be. I've been nervous about this next KAL, despite the little voice in my head telling me that Andra has knit (6) of them. How bad can it be? I reminded myself that the joy of doing a KAL is experiencing new techniques, unique sweater construction, or something a bit outside of your comfort zone. I'm always very willing to take one for the team and this was no exception. I'm going to get through the tricky part so I can reassure you all just how easy it is. The pattern suggests using Judy's Magic Cast-on or the provisional cast on of your choice. I ignore my instinct to do what's "suggested" and resort to my favorite "crochet over the needle" provisional cast on. I'm whistling Dixie until I message Andra, down the rabbit hole I go (not blaming Andra). I begin second guessing myself, there's got to be a reason for this Judy's Magic Cast-On, let's not miss the turn at Albuquerque this early in the adventure.

I rip out my cast on and watch the video on how to do this cast on. It does state she's using it to cast on for toe up socks in the round (hint...Big Love is knit back and forth). I'd done this technique once before so it came back to me quickly. The pattern says to cast on 39 stitches, which I did, but I needed to cast on 39 stitches on the top AND bottom needles. This likley will not make any sense to you until you actually have it in your hands, but trust me. I didn't realize my mistake until I'd finished knitting the right "wing" and the pattern tells you to knit the other 39 stitches of the left "wing." I'm looking at the picture and looking at my collar, well shit...I yank it out muttering under my breath something along the lines of the 4th time being the charm, couple of swear words for good measure. The silver lining is I have that section of the pattern memorized, it no longer feels uncomfortable and I quickly get back to where I'd left off. After completing this first section, I can tell you with complete confidence, you do not have to do Judy's Magic Cast-on, but it sure does create a beautiful transition between the two sections. There are no loops to pick up, you simply start knitting with the other set of needles that are holding the bottom stitches. I'm an expert, if you feel yourself getting flustered, come see me. Hopefully you'll get it on the first try after reading my words of wisdom, that is afterall, my goal...

Big Love is coming along nicely, I even managed to get through the German Short rows without incident. My reward, CAST ON LOVE NOTE!!! OMG this sweater is going to be gorgeous!!! I finished the lace section last night and will be starting the raglan increase today. It was getting a bit late when I finished the lace and decided to leave it for today, you know about my relationship with counting and god knows my glasses weren't on. I decided to strand my beautiful La Bien Aimee yarn with Berroco's Aerial silk mohair in Rose. I am having a full on affair with pink these days, it's not even a secret. I recently reorganized my sweaters, I've knit a lot of green and brown sweaters, which believe me I LOVE. I did begin moving out of my wheelhouse of colors by introducing purples and blues into my colorwork, change is hard for me. I did take a huge leap of faith when I decided to knit my Manarola in purple, chartruese, magenta and light pink. I haven't looked back, I'm loving this new adventure in colors. So, knit the pink sweater, or at least venture outside of your comfort zone of color, it's fun to have a little zip in your do dah.

Bernie and I had some unexpected/unwelcomed excitement this morning. We were making our way along the trails at Hard'ack when out of nowhere we were assualted by yellowjackets. They are relentless and downright mean!! Poor Bernie did his best to fend them off, I felt like my body was a fly strip and they had no choice but to stick to me. So here we are, under attack, trying to not only get away from them, but brush them off, we must have been quite a sight. We managed to finally escape, but man those suckers sting!!! I have over a dozen welts, I'm sure Bernie does too, luckily neither of us got stung on the face. I gave him some Benedryl, I've sprayed myself down with Benedryl, hopefully it will kick in. I did just notice a welt on his paw, my poor sweet boy. I have three welts on my left hand, my thumb and pinky are huge, hopefully it won't hinder my knitting. My boss isn't a fan of workman's comp, she'd make me work anyway, she's heartless, don't let her fool you.

Carrie and I went on a big adventure yesterday, all the way to Brattleboro, we went to Wonderland Yarns studio!! Wait until you see the beautiful new yarn that is in the shop RIGHT NOW, still in boxes. I was completely overwhelmed, almost paralyzed, I didn't know where to start. Watch for the video we'll be posting, but if you can't wait, you can certainly join us tomorrow evening, Wednesday, from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch. A gentle reminder that my Berroco trunk show arrives September 1st and ANDRA WILL BE HERE WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 6TH 6-7:30 with a beautiful selection of her handknits, including 6 Big Love Cardigans!!

Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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