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Moss Stitch, Is It Worth It?

Good Morning Everyone!

What better way to transition from Spring to Summer than going strawberry picking? I certainly hit the motherlode yesterday by "helping" my dear friend Vickie rid her strawberry patch of 10lbs of berries. It's difficult to say "No" when she pleads that they won't be around to pick them (poor thing is on a cruise to the Bahamas) and they're just going to rot if I don't rescue them. Talk about a lot of pressure, our friendship was definitely on the line and I do hate to disappoint. Since the sun decided to hang around I figured it was the perfect day to go picking, so Addie and I headed out. I've done a lot of berry picking in my lifetime, her plants were the best I've ever seen, they were LOADED!!! Addie and I were in the patch less than a minute before Vickie's dad "stopped by" to investigate the car he saw going up the driveway, damn good binoculars lol...I assured him that Vickie had invited me, at least he didn't have a shotgun. I hate processing strawberries, but I'm going to be happy in February when I can pull a bag of frozen summer out to enjoy while the snow is flying. I have a few more hours of work to do to get them all stored, but it's worth the effort.

Speaking of worth the effort, MOSS STITCH!!! OMG, it's so tedious!!! I've been thinking about Barb the entire time and her disdain of purling and moving the yarn. That said, it does produce the most gorgeous textured fabric, I LOVE IT!!! I haven't done moss stitch in awhile, at least not an entire garment. I can't wait for you to see my Avalon, the combination of the moss stitch with Carousel and Aerial is to die for. The yarn is simply stunning knit up in this stitch, hats off to Alison Green who designed this lovely little number. I picked colors outside of my usual wheelhouse, again. I had such positive feedback for demonstrating courage to knit purple, fuschia and chartreuse together I figured, let's do it again. This combination is much more subdued, but the mohair has changed the look of the yarn and it's color dramatically. It's a lovely turquoise and is going to look awesome with my dark brown, button fly 501 Levi's. I knit my Tyanna in the same color, you'll be able to see the difference carrying mohair makes. I will have my sweater and Tyanna at Stitch and Bitch and in the shop so you can see.

I've already been posting and talking about the Great Northern Yarn Haul, it starts two weeks from Friday, can you believe it? UGH, July 4th is two weeks from today, put the brakes on my summer is slipping away!!! This year I am doing a Christmas in July theme to gently remind you to start thinking about your holiday knitting. What better way to justify buying copious amounts of yarn in July except with Christmas presents in mind (they can be for you lol). I will be getting the yarn haul bags this week, I have a limited supply, first come, first served, the bags are FREE with a $20 minimum purchase. I am also working on getting all of the fun little gifts organized for this year's Advent Calendar boxes, I will have the price figured out soon. OMG wait until you see what Carrie and I have planned, so stinking CUTE!!!

This Saturday, June 24th is KAL from 9-11:00. We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!!


P.S. ANDRA ANDRA ANDRA ANDRA....made you read to the end LOL!!!!

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