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Rise And Shine...

Good Morning Everyone!

There's nothing quite like starting your day with a 42lb puppy slowly inching his way up to your face and nudging you to wake up. This is huge improvement from the sudden pounce and biting of your nose, puppy steps. This bundle of energy has motivated me to get up and out, to start my day with a beautiful walk up at Hard'ack. It has also proven to be the perfect panacea to clear my mind and for Bernie to expend all of that energy he has surging through that body of his. The benefits are, I get a great workout and he comes back exhausted, ready to nap. This of course means I get to have some coffee and do a little knitting, win, win. Needless to say we are both settling into our new routine quite nicely, here's one New Year's resolution I have no problem keeping.

I have been thruming away on my new mittens, I can't wait to have them finished. I did decide to use the pile of thrums I had previously deemed unusable, as usuable. The task of making the thrums isn't difficult, just tedious and time consuming. My Mimi's old adage of "waste not, want not" has been ingrained in my mind after years of hearing about her childhood growing up during the depression. She still has a way of making me "do the right thing" I also figured I could really save myself some time if I just used them up. I am almost finished with the second one, which is perfect timing given our upcoming forecast of some pretty chilly weather. I'm just thankful that there is finally a blanket of snow on the ground and there is more to come in the forecast, keep it coming Old Man Winter.

I am really excited about our upcoming VIRTUAL KAL scheduled to start January 30th! There is so much that I have been forced to do differently in order to keep my business going during this pandemic. I guess it's always good to be pushed out of your comfort zone, it allows for growth and new experiences. That said, this whole Zoom thing has gotten me a little anxious, I don't have much experience other than to click on the link that someone else has sent me. I did practice with Rachael last week, and was successful in getting us connected. I am going to practice again with her before I attempt to get us all together, wish me luck!!

For the upcoming KAL, take a look at your needle inventory, you will need size 10 DPNS for the cuffs and 10 16" circulars for the neck. I know the pattern calls for 24", but if memory serves I think it was too tight. You will also need 10.5 32" circulars and DPNS. You will not need DPNS if you are proficient in magic loop. Please let me know if you need needles and I will get an order placed to make sure I have enough. I will let you know when the yarn arrives, I'm so excited that every single sweater is a different color combination! I have stopped working on mine so that I can knit on it with the rest of you. I really wasn't ever that interested in doing a virtual KAL, but I suppose it's the only way we will be able to knit together until the weather warms up again. I miss seeing everyone so I don't mind hopping on that band wagon. I think it will be lots of fun and by now, many of you have adapted to this new way of gathering, another one of our "new norms." Masks won't be required lol.....

Well, I suppose it's time to wrap things up. Bernie has woken up and is looking at me like he's ready for the next adventure. Make it a great day, and I hope to see you soon!


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