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Short And Sweet, Just Like Me...

Good Morning Everyone!!

Did you see the little flakes of snow yesterday? I know several of you saw more than that. Bernie and I were playing his rendition of fetch, aka keep away/tug of war, when the drizzle of rain turned into spits of snowflakes for just a few moments. They looked so pretty resting on my new black winter jacket, just like the ones my Mimi used to crochet. The irony of all this was, my task for the day was to knit swatches using the lovely yarn tasting kit Andra sent of Spring/Summer 2022. Yep ladies, it's starting already...It's worth mentioning, I was supposed to start this daunting task on Saturday, but thankfully, the shop was really busy. Sunday was too nice outside, I raked leaves and managed to get half of my front porch strung with Christmas lights. So as my luck would have it, yesterday was the day because I needed to report something to Andra who will be here in about an hour and a half, YAY!!!!! That said, this is going to be short as I still need to get showered and changed after a nice hike with Bernie this morning.

I didn't get the number of swatches knit that I wanted, at least not for this meeting, boo hoo...but I did manage to knit with the one that I loved the most patterns for, MERAKI. OMG, this collection features 6 stunning tops, ALL OF WHICH I WOULD LOVE TO KNIT! This has never happened before. Meraki is a nubby blend of Cotton, Hemp and Nylon that creates a pebbly texture, beautiful stonewashed effect and lovely drape. I cannot wait to cast on an actual garment with this yarn, I'm going to have a terrible time deciding on which color to start with. The names of the colors alone instill a much needed breath of fresh air given the past 18 months of COVID. Who doesn't want to knit with a color called Dream, Passion, Create, Devotion, Enthusiasm, Imagine or Love? My swatch is LOVE, one guess what color it is...

I'll be swatching Pima Soft next, as the name suggests, it's soooo soft! It's a 2 ply cotton that is perfect for summer sweaters and accessories, baby knits and kids and is available in a full spectrum color palette. The pattern support doesn't disappoint, I'm thinking Riveria will have to be joining my collection of summer knits. Zinnia was introduced last season, many of you rallied and made the Phillipa top, wait until you see the latest designs and colors available (Fiesta, Royal, & Onyx). Hello Vermeil sweater...Are you saying "UNCLE?"

I did say short and sweet, looking at the time, I gotta go! Quick status report, my Marsali is coming along nicely, phew...I'm about an inch away from beginning to shape for the underarms. It's going to be a race to see if I can get it finished before our KAL this Saturday, November 20th. I did see a couple of you last week and hopefully got you on the path to success. If you're having any trouble whatsoever, please DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED!! Stop by to see me, it's usually a simple explanation and I definitely want to help you. That said, we will be meeting tomorrow evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. I have a few metal folding chairs available, first come, first served, otherwise bring a chair just in case. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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