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Stella's Got Her Groove Back!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

So how many of you have already broken their New Year's resolutions? Shitty way to start a newsletter, I'm not judging, let's make that perfectly clear. I mean we're only 12 days in, there is plenty of time for redemption, to turn around and recalibrate, that's exactly what I've done. I'm still feeling the loss of my sweet Josie, which was compounded by an injury that left me unable to hike or really even walk comfortably, the queen of the pity party was alive and well in my head for months, ugh...An escape to Colorado left me feeling alive and the arrival of a 24lb bundle of lab has restored my soul. I realize all of this while Bernie and I take our daily walks up through the trails of Hard'ack, which I used to cruise up easily before taking residence in the "I feel sorry for myself" corner of my world. All of a sudden I realize that the struggle is real, but temporary, I used to run up those hills. My doc says, "no more running" and I know sticking with my resolution to feel better this year and not let the effects of last year transfer into this one is the path I choose. Doesn't hurt that I've finally finished up those holiday treats, except for Andra's truffles, those are in the freezer. So I'm approaching this upcoming year with a renewed sense of happiness and hope, last year is over, we may still be dealing with the residuals of it, but for me, I'm looking forward to 2021.

What better way to start off the new year than with not only a new project, but a new technique. I'd been wanting to make thrum mittens for years, like most of you, I feel the instructions are simply guidelines, there's plenty of room for interpretation, right? In this case, we are told to make tons of thrums first, BEFORE you cast on. Ok, sounds simple enough, but it's soooo boring to sit with that task, even if it is with Kathleen while drinking beer. So I'm making all these wads of roving into little figure 8's that will eventually be knit into the stitch. What I neglect to realize is that the section of roving I'm using is the same color as my yarn. This epiphany doesn't come to light until I start adding them to the mitten, can't see the pop of color, that sucks...So that pile of thrums that I patiently made are pretty much good for nothing. I decided that I could just as easily add the thrums as I go and create a pattern of color while I do it. Viola, I'm much happier now with pops of green and purple against the gray background, so pretty.

So I'm adding all of these thrums and start looking at the mitten, it looks rather ridiculous, like a big marshmallow on a tiny stick of ribbed cuff, crap. Then I put my hand into the mitten, awww soooo squishy and warm and thankfully no longer looks funny, as a matter of fact, it looks great! I've always loved wool mittens, my Mimi used to knit me a couple pair every year and my hands stayed warm. By the middle of the season they had become bullet proof and nicely felted from the endless miles they had been dragged down the hill while steering the sled. They made the best snowballs for those snowball fights and dried quickly on the radiator at the end of the day, ready for the next day's adventures. I still love a good adventure, nothing like being outside taking in all that fresh air, makes it even better when your hands are warm.

So many of you have responded to my Facebook post announcing the next KAL, I'm so excited!! It looks like the majority of you would like to knit the Il Grande Favorito. If you want to participate, I will need your order by Tuesday, January 19th so I can submit it to Berroco. I have the color cards at the shop, or you may take a look at them online at we'll be using Artesia and Ultra Wool worsted. Let's plan on casting on via Zoom Saturday January 30th at 9:00 a.m. Please be patient with me and this whole Zoom experience, I've never hosted, but I'm thrilled that we will be able to see each other again and knit together. If all goes well, perhaps we could resume our Wednesday evening Stitch and Bitch, I miss you all so much.

Carrie and I have had so much fun recording videos and making up kits. We recently put together some shawl kits for the Albuquerque Sunset Shawl by Casapinka and have been doing more hat kits as well. Tabitha just dropped off 50 more of her BEAUTIFUL pom poms, wait until you see the new colors, I'll be posting them today. I'm really excited with how lovely the shop looks, thanks to Carrie. She spent all day Saturday rearranging and remerchandising EVERYTHING, it looks awesome! I have no idea where anything is, lol. My order from Bryson has arrived, so if you were waiting for needles, they are here!

Make it a great day, and I hope to see you soon!


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