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Swatching The Day(s) Away...

Good Morning Everyone!

I feel like I can proclaim myself the Queen of Lemonade, it's been a rough week. It all started last Thursday morning when I decided to forge ahead with my daily hike up Hard'ack bringing my ever faithful and willing companion. I was ignoring those twinges of pain in my gut by focusing on the beautiful sun that was coming up over French Hill. My peacefulness was quickly interrupted by Bernie's discovery of a rather large "squirrel" aka raccoon that, no doubt, had the same goal in mind as me, a peaceful morning. This of course ended abruptly resulting with the poor raccoon making a mad dash for the nearest tree, Bernie hot in pursuit. His level of exuberance was enough to wake the dead and no less did little to instill a feeling of "let's be friends" in the raccoon. I know this because when we circled back around 90 minutes later, he was still up the tree, only higher. I know they are destructive little buggers, but it was SO CUTE! I managed to capture some adorable pictures of this helpless creature with my newly transformed wolf-hound on the ground telling him it's all been a misunderstanding. It's worth mentioning that Bernie still has a battle scar on his nose from his run in with a rather bold squirrel a few weeks ago. Have we learned a lesson? I think not, Bernie isn't good at picking up social cues, just ask Marvin...

We get back from our hike and I'm having that awful feeling of deja vu, I recognize exactly what this pain is, @#$%! Quick call to the doctor's office, fingers crossed for a speedy response. I open up the shop as planned, may as well see how this all plays out. Judy stops by with 2 of her recently FOs, they are absolutely stunning. We're chatting away which is a wonderful distraction as the pain starts to increase and finally the phone rings. I've never been so happy to hear from my Doctor's Office, my prescription will be ready shortly, YAY!!! What I wasn't anticipating was getting put down for the count in a matter of a few hours. By 1:00 I was in bed and there I stayed until Sunday. For those of you who don't know, I have this lovely little condition called Diverticulitis, Google it, it's so much fun!!! In terms of point of reference for pain, natural child birth was LESS PAINFUL than this. So, thank-you all for your kind wishes and understanding. I wasn't thrilled to be closed right before Mother's Day, Addie and Jon rose to the occasion and helped make some sales. Thank-you Jeanne and Joyce for the beautiful floral bouquets, they really cheered me up.

I'm still not feeling great, but I had a whole new level of appreciation for being able to sit upright which I've been able to do since Sunday. This much welcome change in vantage point allowed me to do some swatching with the NEW YARNS BEING INTRODUCED BY BERROCO. Andra sent me a goodie bag of mini skeins to play with, and play I did. What I enjoyed the most was really SEEING just how differently the yarn felt and looked simply by changing the needle size. I understand that we all "know" this, but often times when it comes to swatching the only thing we're focusing on is getting the correct number of stitches per inch, ignoring how the fabric looks. Creating your own garments allows you the flexibility to alter the pattern to fit YOUR desire. Changing the length of something or the ribbing is a no brainer, but you can also determine how the garment will drape. If you like the look of a looser garment (less stitches per inch) you can adjust which size to make depending on the number of stitches per inch you're getting. It does entail math, YIKES, I know, my nemesis, but it's really not that complicated. I encourage you so sit down and swatch, it's relaxing, especially when you're not doing it in order to start a project. For those of you who still haven't stranded mohair, swatching is the perfect opportunity to see what you're missing. Berroco has some stunning new patterns that feature stranding with mohair, you'd better practice!

Because my week wasn't challenging enough, the need to replace my sign got pushed to the front of the queue, UGH!! I'll admit, it was looking a bit worn for wear, especially up close, but still looked decent enough. Well, it got stolen Saturday night, so please don't be alarmed, it doesn't mean I am closed. By now, everyone knows where I am, and if they're confused they pick up the phone. I already have a new design in mind and it's going to be awesome, stay tuned!! That said, if you happen so spot my old sign down in a ditch or on someone else's lawn, kindly let me know.

A couple of announcements left and I'll let you get back to your day...I may be a tad late opening this Friday, May 19th. Addie is having all of her wisdom teeth removed at 8:00 in Essex, I should be back in time, if not, hang tight. We are one week and one day out until ANDRA VISITS!!! OMG I AM SO EXCITED!! She will be joining us with a fantastic trunk show for Stitch and Bitch, DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!! Lastly, we will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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