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Good Morning Everyone!

In a year that has been a series of ups and downs, it would be easy to go into the holiday season thinking about how different it is going to be, smaller gatherings, families apart, no toilet paper. The news is less than encouraging, but I think it gives us each another opportunity to appreciate what we have and those we care about most. Distance isn't a deal breaker, it's actually a gift, a way to protect those we love from a virus that is trying to break our spirits. I was raised on the adage, "that which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger." As a kid, that applied to the many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I ate at the top of a tree my hands covered in dirt and pine pitch. I swear all those germs were the reason I rarely got sick, they were the good kind of germs and as a kid, you just don't think about these things. Fast forward 45 years and I'm armed with a mask, hand sanitizer and a flu shot, not feeling quite as invincible, but certainly not defeated. The number around the table may be smaller than normal, but it certainly will be a much quicker clean up and more pie for me.

As you know, my beloved Josie is no longer with me, a huge void in my personal life and the shop. She's been working with me from the very beginning, greeting the customers with her huge bark, knowing exactly which ones had a pocket full of treats. She was one of a kind with a big personality and enjoyed seeing everyone, she loved going to work. Let's face it, the shop hasn't been the same without her. I really hope you will all be excited to meet Bernie, my little bundle of terror lol. He's super sweet, especially after he completely passes out from running through the house chasing Marvin. He has absolutely no regard for social cues or personal space, the words no and gentle are not part of his vocabulary, it's all about him. I do believe in karma, and don't mind sharing what a shit Marvin was to Josie, payback is a bitch. He'd hide under the dining room table and ambush her, she was afraid to walk through without me. I'd find my 85lb Golden in the pantry just sitting, waiting to be rescued, with a look of relief on her face when I'd come escort her through. Nothing like a 12lb cat causing such PTSD. Well, guess what Marvin? Your time has come. I'm quite sure they will have no problems adjusting to each other, but Bernie isn't fazed by the hissing or swatting, to him it's an invitation to play harder.

Sandy posted a picture of the completely assembled COVID-19 memorial afghan, it's gorgeous! She did a beautiful job, I can't thank her enough for sharing her talents. It is now with Carrie who is going to put the finishing touches on the rest of the borders. I will take a picture when it's done and let you know when you can come see it. Thank-you to all my wonderful KAL gals who helped me see this project to completion. We've done so many projects together through the years, this one means the most to me. I am so thankful for each and every one of you who continue to feed my creativity and support me, I couldn't do it without you.

Many of you have visited my online shop, THANK-YOU!!! I continue to tweak it, add more inventory and hurdle over the unforeseen challenges. I think it will provide an excellent extra level of service to those of you who don't feel comfortable coming into the shop. I am very happy to get your order together and ready for curbside pick up. I continue to follow Governor Scott's recommendations regarding "safe" shopping protocol, but figured now was as good a time to be able to offer an online option. Nothing like a pandemic to completely push me out of my comfort zone, I swore I'd never sell online, famous last words.

Enjoy time with your family, take some time to do some knitting. I will be open on Black Friday and of course Small Business Saturday! If you need something before then, take a look online, or give me a call. Make it a great day, and I hope to see you soon!


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