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Thinking Ahead...

Good Morning Everyone!

I'm happy to report that I'm knitting away, rather uneventfully, on my Meissa sweater, recent struggles with starting this project are now way behind me. I'm enjoying the view as I watch the lovely series of SSK, YO, MB, K2TOG, YO turn into a beautiful pattern down the front of my sweater. What's even more gratifying is I FOUND A MISTAKE IN THE PATTERN! I did notify Amy and she thanked me, but I'm scratching my head because even though the directions were incorrect, I was doing the increase correctly, which wasn't what the directions indicated. Because I'm me, all of a sudden I began following the directions, which were wrong. Confused yet? I'll break it down for you. I was automatically mirroring the increase which should have read, Knit to 1 stitch before the marker, M1R, K1, SM instead, it read Knit to 2 stitches before the marker M1R, K1, SM. We all know how one little stitch can just throw everything out of kilter, well let's just say I switched over to doing my increase 2 stitches before the marker about 1/3 of the way down. Is it the end of the world? Hardly. Am I taking it all out? Nope, it's my beautiful Persian rug...So this message is for you Donna Wilcox, the top of page 7 under the Raglan increase is K to one stitch before marker, M1R, K1, SM...I always say blocking fixes everything, fingers crossed. I am thankful that this is on the back, my hair may need to get a little longer.

With the temperatures dropping and the snow already making a brief appearance, guess what I'm doing next Wednesday?? MEETING WITH ANDRA TO SEE SPRING/SUMMER 2024!!!! I have received my packet of yarn to begin swatching and have seen a preview of the upcoming designs. The palette is BRIGHT, no sad beige allowed, sorry Wanda. The new yarns are already loaded onto so if you have a chance, take a peek to see. It gets even better, Andra will be staying for Stitch and Bitch next week, YAY!! She's very excited to see everyone's progress on their Big Love Cardigans, she'll have the latest one she knit with West Yorkshire Spinners Shetland Croft.

It seems that my love of mohair is contagious, so much so, I just had to order (10) more bags of it. Did I mention that they have added a whole slew of bright new colors? I simply could not resist, they are absolutely gorgeos, you will not be disappointed. I am in love with mohair, why else would I have SIX sweaters,1 hat and a pair of fingerless mitts made with it? Crazy isn't the answer, madly in love is. If you haven't experienced the cozy softness and beautiful color enhancement mohair brings to the table, I'd love to have a conversation with you. I have several shop samples knit up so you can see the difference mohair makes. Wearing a garment with mohair is like wearing a big hug, who doesn't want that? I'm already thinking ahead to the next KAL, check out Spot Sweater by Anne Ventzel, it's could be the perfect opportunity to do a mohair swap, use up some leftovers and create another beautiful sweater.

A few dates to keep in mind as we head into the holiday season. The next KAL will be Saturday November 18th from 9-11:00. I figured folks would be busy enough with Thanksgiving plans and the fourth Saturday just happens to be Small business Saturday, November 25th. So hopefully you will be able to stop by, Berroco has come up with a great promotion AGAIN. They are offering a FREE pattern, one knit, one crochet with the purchase of yarn. I'm sure Carrie has several ideas up her sleeve that she'll convince me I have to do. Is now the time to remind you that Christmas is 7 weeks away? How are those gifts coming along? Don't say I haven't warned you, time stops for no one.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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