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Two Sweaters and a Chicken...

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Hasn't the weather been simply glorious? I wouldn't be a Vermonter if I didn't complain that it's a tad too hot. Andra laughed at me yesterday when I mentioned that 60 degrees at 6:00 a.m. was too warm, it is!!!! Especially when it's humid and the woods are full of mosquitos feasting on me. That said, it's definitely a welcome change from the dreary weather that plagued us this past winter, bring on the bluebird sky!

Sunday's adventure to Compton to attend Needle In A Haystack was FANTASTIC!!! I'm always very thankful for Carrie, she was worth her weight in gold once again. Aside from chauffeuring more than half of us up, she had the foresight to bring her canopy tent and a delicious charcuterie smorgashboard for all of us to feast on, I brought my water bottle and gum. Not that I would have starved, but she was so very thoughtful and really made the day extra special and fun. We would have been miserable without that tent, there was a nice breeze, but not a cloud in the sky, 87 degrees is 87 degrees.

I love how small the knitting world is and how friendly it is. I ran into my friends Gisela and John right away, I was so happy they decided to participate. Gisela gifted me a beautiful wooden knitting tray that John just started creating, they are beautiful!! I know many of you have seen mine, we've been discussing me carrying them at the shop. All I can say is they are fantastic and would make a wonderfully unique gift, I've never seen anything like them before. I have a couple samples in my shop that you can see. Then I saw Julie, Lucinda and Giles and Zoe my wallet started to pulse lol. I am in the process of coordinating a trunk show with Julie, stay tuned, her yarns are absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm using her Fino to knit my Mabel cardigan by Isabell Kraemer, it's sinfully soft. I met the author of a new book called Island Vibes, Sasha Hyre, she's also friends with Julie and would like to tag along with Julie when she comes down. How fun!!!!!

I can never get away from Lucinda without buying something, this time it was (2) skeins of Spincycle, OMG, it's so beautiful. I decided that it needed to be the contrast with the Orange Fiberstash yarn I bought at VT Sheep and Wool to knit Jenn Steingass' Forest Light Just you wait and see how gorgeous the two of them look together, I'm so excited!!! I'll be posting pictures so you can see what I bought. Then I saw Zoe from Woolerton Estate Yarns, my order of The Exotic will be shipping this week, ALL 15 COLORS!!! The real show stopper for me was Espace Tricot's stunning shop sample called Rib Lace Raglan by James N. Watts knit with Mohair on a US size 8. The picture will not do it justice in the link, I have a picture of it, I MUST HAVE THIS SWEATER!!!! Wait until you see all the new colors of Aerial silk mohair that have been added to Berroco's line up, you will flip!!! The best part of the day, of course, were the laughs we shared and there were lots of those. Although I must say, the US Customs officer was quite friendly and very entertaining when we crossed back over through North Troy. His wife is a knitter and was disappointed that I didn't have a business card on me, I usually do. My PR person also let me down, they hadn't made it into her new vehicle, oh well...The Creemees at The Pinecone Snackbar were pretty damn good too, my first one of the year!!! Kay is on a mission to find the best Maple Creemee in the state, I'd happily go along on that ride.

I completed knitting my Emotional Support Chicken, I'm going to stuff and sew her up today. I was going to embroider flowers on her, but I think I need to practice my skills first, it's been awhile. I do have a lovely book called Embroidered Knits and the perfect plain gray Il Favorito Grande that would look beautiful with a little embellishment, stay tuned but don't hold your breath. I'm focusing on my Mabel and also need to swatch the Boucle that Zoe sent me for the Morning Ritual KAL. My Shifty 2.0 has been put on hold, I've decided to add mohair with the Spincycle, long story, but I need to do a little frogging and then I'll be happy. Don't you wish that all of life's problems revolved around knitting only? I'm thankful that most of mine do....

DON'T FORGET, THIS SATURDAY IS WORLDWIDE KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY!!!! We will be meeting at the fountain in Taylor Park from 9-11:00 which means the shop will be opening up a little late. If the weather doesn't want to cooperate, we'll be underneath the gazebo so bring a chair just in case. Tomorrow night (Wednesday) is the night you've all been waiting for since last week, STITCH AND BITCH!!! We'll be meeting from 6-7:30, bring your chair, bug spray, sunglasses and get ready to have some fun!! Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!!!


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