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Vetoed By Andra...

Good Morning Everyone!

Let me set the scene for you, I'm sitting in my chair Sunday afternoon, knitting away watching the football game, minding my own business. My phone buzzes, Andra has sent me a text, I smile and look to see what she has to say. She doesn't say much, but has taken the time to draw a huge red arrow with an accompanying "?" onto the picture of my Pressed Flowers Cardigan. The very picture I tagged Amy in last Tuesday that she shared in her Instagram story with her 29K followers. Her caption reads, "This line. Supposed to be background color. Brown. Yes?" My smile has faded and I can feel the crease between my eyes forming, I'm thinking, "are you @#!$% kidding me?" I don't say this, instead, my response, "We voted last week at Stitch and Bitch and decided it could stay." ANDRA: "The line poked me in the eye last Tuesday." And she proceeds to forward the picture I posted. ME: "Thankfully, I did the entire row wrong, I wasn't thrilled when I saw it but not worth ripping in my opinion." ANDRA: "Neighbor & I vote for frog." ME: "I've got a brown Sharpie." And here's where I see the olive branch getting extended, ANDRA: "What if I stop knitting on mine so you can frog and catch back up?" A little background for context, Andra posted her Pressed Flowers cardigan, she had already knit almost as much as I had in probably half the time...I can see that she's not giving up and the writing is on the wall. ME: "OMG!!! There are 3 football games on today, my newsletter just got interesting." ANDRA: "So it's a deal?" ME: "You've taken my confidence and stomped on it. I'd never be able to wear it. Don't tell me I'll thank-you later." ANDRA: "Unless you frog, you've had worse mis-steps." She then sends a bitmoji of her saying Make Me Proud. She's like a dog with a bone and proceeds to tell me "I'll need confirmation of your frog, take pictures." I sent her a picture of my sweater with the 5" gone and the needles back in place with the following caption, "Will you be able to sleep now?" ANDRA: "Yes, and so will you!!! So proud."

Do I feel better? Yes! I think it actually looks better, the gauge is more even and I no longer have an offensive green line poking people's eyes out, phew...I did channel my friend Karen who I helped frog her ENTIRE Avena sweater and Paula who will be reknitting the front of her Fleurine due to a lack of needle change mishap. Honestly, I could hear my Mimi saying, "Anything worth doing is worth doing right." It is painful, at times, to swallow bitter pills and take the advice you so freely offer, but, right is right and I hate being wrong. So stay tuned, I will be posting my progress on Instagram and Facebook, feel free to follow me on Social, @whatayarn, if you're not already.

We've been discussing what to make for our next KAL. There has been lots of interest in the Drawing Sweater which gets my vote. I did receive notification that the chart has been improved and it's available in a larger size. I know that some were put off due to the sizing limitations, but if you're looking to make it bigger, you can easily knit with a worsted weight instead of sport. I know this to be true because Andra accomplished this very feat with much success, her sweater is stunning!! She used Berroco's Remix, you can read the details on her Ravelry page under Roentgen. I will go out on a limb and mention, there is a lot of positive ease in this design. You could easily play with the sizing/gauge by changing the needle size, just a little food for thought. I was also interested in Mary Martin's Fission and Fusion knitting techniques, you can see her work on Instagram,it's really beautiful and would be fun to learn. We'll be deciding what to do during our next KAL which is January 28th.

This week I have a shipment from Malabrigo arriving, more Mecha, Rios and Silky Merino. I should also be receiving my order of Pom Poms from Life's Little Things, it's only been a month since I ordered them, UGH!! I have no idea why it takes her 4-5 weeks to ship a wholesale order if the items are in stock and available?!?! I will let you know when the new inventory arrives, there are lots of naked hats waiting for Poms. We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday, 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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