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Good Morning Everyone!

Here's another invitation for WORLD WIDE KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 10TH 9-12:00. Please join me in Taylor Park by the fountain, bring a chair or you can sit on one of the benches. You don't have to stay the entire time, but the more the merrier. The weather forecast looks promising, Leslie will likely show up in her convertible if the prediction holds true. So fingers crossed for a beautiful morning, I've put my request in with Mother Nature. I hope you can swing by and do a few rows. That said, the shop will not be opening until about noon, I'll put a sign on the door to remind you.

I barely survived the sweltering heat from last week, holy cow, what's up with 90+ degrees? I am hoping for some much needed rain, my gardens are looking a bit droopy and I've been watering my newly planted lilac and forsythia shrubs like crazy. First world problems I know, at least we aren't living in the midst of wild fires like our neighbors to the north. I will say the smoke in the air has created amazing sunrises and the full moon was simply spectacular Saturday night. I do hope that the conditions up there improve and rain finds its way to areas in need.

I do have some AWESOME NEW INVENTORY in the shop!! My Floops Stitch Markers and Flox Multi Tools have been going out the door quickly. I also received a fun restock of Stitch Stoppers by Minnie & Purl, Baby Grogru is in the house along with an assortment of new ones. There are new colors of Remix Chunky and Renew on the shelves, so pretty!!! I haven't found a home to fit all of the Lanas Light yet, Carrie has her work cut out for her. Yesterday my box of Make It Tweed arrived from Universal Yarns, OMG I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!! I have to thank Ashley from Hermit Thrush Fibers for tracking it down. I'd been trying to figure out who stocked it and didn't see it on the website when I looked. If you don't know what Make It Tweed is, it's a fantastic yarn you carry along to magically turn any yarn into tweed, it's FANTASTIC!! I first saw it last year on Espace Tricot's Instagram Page, and knew I had to have it. Hmmmm, what to make???

I'm pleased to announce that my Manarola is almost finished, I'll have it done today! It is so pretty, I can't wait to wear it. I'll be casting on the Avalon sweater using Berroco's brand new Carousel yarn stranded with Aerial mohair, YAY!! I'll be juggling my new Fall/Winter shop samples so you can see how beautiful the yarn knits up, aren't I considerate? I need to keep my needles clicking because soon I'll be getting a shipment from West Yorkshire Spinners which will have bags of Croft Worsted Weight Shetland Wool. It's been several years since I stocked this gorgeous yarn, I'm super excited to have it back in the shop, wait until you see the sweater I'll be knitting....

I will be opening at noon this Friday, June 9th, I have a Memorial Service to attend. We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday, from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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