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Yes, It's Worth It...

Good Morning Everyone!

I rarely work on one project at a time, I know I'm in good company. Different situations require different project types, we know this. My level of dedication to you all needs to be addressed and commended. I've been working exclusively on shop samples (in my size and favorite color), putting aside my "personal" knitting. My friend Angie asked me what was going on with the Corrie Confetti Oksa sweater, she hadn't seen me post any progress. I responded that I was taking one for the team and had to put aside MY projects and focus on the shop samples, At the time, Andra had just shown me the Tyanna bandana cowl (which I had to have) and of course left me with a ball of Carousel to knit one. I'd already started my Manarola, so I put it down for a bit to focus on knitting Tyanna simply because I knew you'd all want one. I tried going as fast as I could because I really wanted to finish my Manarola aka my Summer KAL sweater before the yarn arrived for my Avalon. You have no idea the juggling act that goes on in my head when prioritizing my knitting schedule. It's AWFUL to assign which gets the most attention, it's like admitting you have a favorite child. All these beautiful sweaters OMG my head could explode and my hands just ache thinking about the hours I'll spend doing what I love. A tad dramatic I know...

So I mentioned last week whether or not Moss Stitch is worth it, YES IT IS!! Even when you spend the majority of KAL tinking back the 3 rounds of 220 stitches you did incorrectly while blabbing on the porch Friday night Zooming with Wanda and Kathleen. I have no idea why I insist on not wearing my glasses and only turning on half the porch lights. What is the matter with me? LAZY!!!! I didn't want to be bothered to go upstairs and get my glasses (I think it's time to have a pair permanently in my knitting bag) OR get up and turn on more lights (I also just received an old lady neck lamp from Carrie that would have been useful). Instead, I squint thinking everything is fine until I'm sitting in broad daylight looking at this mess knowing it is all my fault. Saturday's KAL was small, and as you know, size only matters when it's gauge or dessert. The conversation was lively and there are some gorgeous summer sweaters getting created. I can't believe mine is done, before Sandy lol!!! Not that it's a contest unless I've Avalon is coming along nicely, I'd hoped it would be finished before Berroco's website flips over to Fall/Winter (which is today) but it's not even close, stay tuned...

Moss stitch is easy but laborious as a right handed knitter, I had several helpful suggestions to just knit with my left hand, you know, completely throw a wrench into the spokes of my creativity. I thought about it, I even watched the video my friend Deb forwarded to me. I channeled Claudia, she knits faster than Andra, and decided that perhaps I shouldn't attempt this in the middle of the body of my sweater. I've always been a bit OCD with stitch uniformity which in my early years translated to super freaking tight white knuckle knitting. So I did a few stitches and decided I would save the experiment for a practice swatch and not my beautiful Avalon sweater. You are simply going to fall in love with this yarn combination and I will say it AGAIN, STRAND WITH MOHAIR!!!! This sweater is so soft and squishy, it's GORGEOUS! The color of mohair you select with the Carousel will completely change the look of the yarn, it's amazing. You could even knit the Tyanna stranded with mohair, it would be so luxurious on your neck. You can check out ALL of the beautiful new yarn and projects today at

We've barely gotten into summer and next Tuesday is July 4th! I know that summer is short and you're busy, but we are halfway through the year which means, CHRISTMAS IS IN 6 MONTHS! I've put together some fantastic kits that would be easy to take with you on vacation so you can start your holiday knitting NOW! My latest kit is the ever popular Leni it's FREE on Ravelry in case this link doesn't work, I'll be shocked if it does. I've paired Make It Tweed with Bobolink's Romney and Carrie knit up the shop sample. I'll be posting the video later today, but since I love you all so much, I wanted you to be the first to know. I also have mitten kits, hat kits, shawl kits AND you'll have to come in to see the latest little project I knit to celebrate Christmas in July, IT'S SO CUTE!!! The Great Northern Yarn Haul is Friday July 7-30th, I have the passports printed, I'm just waiting for the project bags to arrive.

Lastly, a big thank-you to Chris who did the artwork for my new sign, I love it! Jon has made it super easy to take down each day which I will get back into the habit of doing, I don't want it to get stolen again. Now that I have the new sign, I'm guessing my old one will get discovered in a ditch somewhere. We will be gathering tomorrow evening, Wednesday, 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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